--fields=desc and -l appears to only search :descshort

Terence Leadbetter fetfer at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 13:45:16 EDT 2013


1st time posting here, so many thanks for something that makes
streamed media from the BBC usable, when you are on an BT only
exchange with abysmal download speeds.
Using get-iplayer I schedule quality downloads over night, which are
copied to my NAS for enjoyment without stutter.

Now the Incident I wish to raise.
I was testing a search to use with --pvr-add that required using the
:desc description field and it did not return what I wanted.
Using -i I could see the string in the :desc field of the episode, but
the search, using either --fields=desc, -l  or --long, never returned
the episode.

Here is a simple test example to show what happens;
get-iplayer --fields=desc --type=tv extraordinary
it returns;
635:    Restoration Home: Series 3 - 1. Rock Farm, Audio Described,
Audio Described,Factual,History,Homes & Gardens,Lifestyle &
Leisure,Sign Zone,TV, audiodescribed,signed
994:    imagine... - Summer 2010: 4. Tom Jones - What Good Am I?, BBC
One, Arts,Arts Culture & the Media,Factual,TV, default

But if you use
get-iplayer -i Harlots
it returns;
331:    tv, Harlots, Housewives and Heroines - A 17th Century History
for Girls: Act Two: 2. At Home, BBC Four, Factual,History,TV, default
you will see in the :desc field
"Lucy Worsley explores the ordinary as well as the extraordinary lives of ..."

The two programs returned by the original search includes
"extraordinary" in the :descshort, Harlots only has it in :desc.

Is searching using --fields=desc limited to :descshort or should it
really be looking in :desc?

Background info
I am using Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS Headless on an esxi server
get-iplayer -V shows the version as "get_iplayer 2.83-ppa14"
I can't see anything in my options that would cause this to happen;
whitespace 1
fatfilename 1
outputtv /home/..../download/get-iplayer/tv
modes best
subdirformat <name>
thumb 1
subdir 1
fileprefix <nameshort> <senum> - <episodeshort>
metadata xbmc
nocopyright 1
command /home/...../scripts/iplay-cp (copies resultant files out to my NAS)
thumbsize 6
output /home/....../download/get-iplayer
outputradio /home/....../download/get-iplayer/radio
hash 1
type radio,tv

Many thanks for your help and guidence


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