Get_iPlayer as a Service under Windows Home Server 2011 ?

Simon Morgan s.morgan at
Mon Sep 9 07:35:12 EDT 2013

On 08/09/2013 10:17, Simon Morgan wrote:
> Has anyone implemented Get_iPlayer as a Service under Windows Home 
> Server 2011?
> Currently I use the PVR interface and I appreciate that this would not 
> be possible as a Service but does anyone have any suggestions as to 
> whether and how I could implement this?

It would help if you explained what you're trying to accomplish.  There may
be a better way to get where you want to go than using a Windows service.

get_iplayer itself isn't at all suitable to run as a service.  It lacks a
proper entry point, can only be invoked via the command line and isn't
designed to be long-lived.  I think a lot of work would be required to
remove those limitations.  At the very least, you would need to implement
some sort of wrapper service that called out to get_iplayer.

The Web PVR is closer to the mark since it can already run as a daemon, it
already has a communications protocol (HTTP) and it already wraps calls to
get_iplayer. If you're just looking for a way to start the Web PVR at boot
time, you might be able to use srvany.exe or a similar utility or Perl
module to deal with the the service control manager and handle
starting/stopping the Web PVR server when necessary. 
Alternatively, it might be better just to work out the necessary
incantations to run the Web PVR as a CGI application with Apache or another
Windows web server that runs as a service.


You have probably hit the nail on the head - perhaps I'm not sure what I am
trying to accomplish (: (:

However an example would be to download the "Montalbano" series from BBC4
without any user being logged in (for paranoid security reason).

The various batch file suggestions offered look promising using the task
scheduler. I'm afraid your suggestions are probably way beyond my technical
capabilities but thanks for suggestions antway.

Simon Morgan

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