Loads of Programmes Missing from PVM

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Tue Sep 3 11:27:10 EDT 2013

On Tue Sep 3 04:41:34 BST, Kapitano wrote:

>On 9/3/2013 15:11 PM, andy.and.dawn at ntlworld.com wrote:

Hello Kapitano :-)

I've just noticed something peculiar about your last mail:

The main list archive declares that it was sent on:

Mon Sep 2 23:41:34 EDT 2013, i.e.
Tue Sep 3 04:41:34 BST 2013

yet the mail you have replied to was sent on:

Tue Sep 3 09:11:02 EDT 2013, i.e.
Tue Sep 3 14:11:02 BST 2013

a whole 9.5 hours after yours was sent!
Indeed, if you arrange the Sept 2013 archive by date:


you'll see that yours is positioned even before the one sent by the OP of 
the thread
(Chris J Brady). Barring some glitch on the list software, I'd hazzard a
guess that the clock on your machine needs re-adjusting...

Just thought I let you know, no issue whatsoever...


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