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David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Sun Sep 1 03:22:58 EDT 2013

On Sun, 2013-09-01 at 01:24 +0100, Rob Dixon wrote:
> On 31/08/2013 23:48, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> >
> > As David is the list owner, I think it's reasonable for him to comment
> > on list admin matters..
> You are quite right. I was unaware of David's position as list owner and
> wouldn't have challenged his entitlement to say whatever he wants.

And I deliberately didn't remind you of it.

> My problem is with him claiming asylum in his *literal* meaning being
> inoffensive.

I'm sorry that you have a problem with being told that you were wrong.
I did try to *explain* it, to help you try to avoid making the same
mistake in future. But quite simply, you *did* make a mistake. It is
*not* offensive to refer to a technical matter as 'simple', even in the
presence of someone who doesn't understand it.

You have absolutely *NO* *RIGHT* to expect never to be offended.

Especially if you're going to jump at shadows and see offence where it
really isn't warranted, even on behalf of third parties. That's just
unspeakably naïve and arrogant of you.

> But the fact that the *list owner* thinks it acceptable to post in
> that vein discourages me from reading or contributing any further. 

I wasn't going to suggest (or demand) that. Everyone is more than
welcome here, but I do expect *adult* behaviour from the list
participants. You will not harangue people for some moronic perceived
"offence" when they are simply trying to be helpful.

I will not tolerate that.

It offends me :)

> No doubt David will be pleased to lose another dissenter.

Not particularly. I am just more depressed at the state of the world we
live in, because you don't even seem to understand your mistake.

The rot I spoke of really *has* set in, it seems...


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