Is it a repeat?

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sat Jun 29 19:24:19 EDT 2013

On Sat Jun 29 17:27:48 BST 2013, dinkypumpkin wrote:

>>get_iplayer -i --fields=pid PID
>You can also use the slightly less verbose form:
>get_iplayer -i pid:PID

Many thanks for this, dinkypumpkin; I wasn't aware of it
(it isn't discussed inside get_iplayer --longhelp).
And the other syntax I posted was mentioned in the mailing list
many months ago...

>You can already see the first broadcast date with --info,
>so you can already deduce whether or not a
>programme is likely to be a repeat.

You are of course right; but let's take this example:
pid=b00nq7q9 (NB expires on Sun June 30th 2013 23:29Z)

get_iplayer -i pid:b00nq7q9

will get me:
firstbcast:     default: 2009-11-01T22:20:00Z

but also notice this line:
lastbcast:      default: 2009-11-01T22:20:00Z

which is a false statement; right now it's almost
Sat June 29th 2013 23:00Z, so the exact previous
time this was aired/repeated was on
Sun 23 Jun 2013 23:30BST, i.e.


as found by going to

This correct transmission date is also indicated on the iPlayer
relevant page @

under "More Programme Information" -> "Broadcast on"
as "BBC Four, 11:30PM Sun, 23 Jun 2013"

Why doesn't GiP show the right date? (at least on my copy of the script...)

IMHO, a fix is needed - but it's not something important or urgent - most of 
users can live fine without it...

Many greetings,

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