get_iplayer not finding PVR searches when run from cron

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Apr 18 17:10:49 EDT 2013

On 18/04/2013 21:23, mikey wrote:

Reply to the list, not to me.

> No. I'm aware that the log file gets overwritten, that's how I intended
> it. When I say it produced the same log file what I mean is I checked
> the log after trying both  separately and it produced exactly the same
> output, with a different modification time.

Seems unlikely.  The header for --pvr-list output is "All PVR 
Searches:", while the header for --pvr output is "Running PVR 
Searches:".  You claim to have only seen the former.

> It's not failing to find the PVR episodes because it finds them when run
> as root from the command line.

Whether or not it works with sudo isn't the complete story.  Where are 
your pvr search definitions saved - under root's home dir or under your 
home dir?  If it's the latter, then that is why no pvr searches are 
found when running from root's crontab.

> I think what may have been happening is that I ended up with an open
> lock file which may have been preventing it from running properly.

In the event of lock file problems, you would get a warning (on stderr 
when running --pvr) before any pvr searches are run, i.e., before 
"Running PVR Searches:" appears in the output.

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