HD Programmes Not Categorised as HD

ode ode5002 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Apr 18 09:33:38 EDT 2013

dinkypumpkin wrote:
>get_iplayer only assigned HD as a category for programmes that were in
the listings feed for BBC HD, since they were guaranteed to be in HD.
Since BBC Two HD replaced BBC HD a couple of weeks ago, there are only a
few programmes still in the BBC HD feed.  They will all presumably
disappear in the near future, so --category=HD is not longer a usefule

>Although BBC One and BBC Two are now simulcast in HD, iPlayer content
will still be a mix of HD and non-HD content.  I don't see any way to
identify HD programmes from the listings feeds used to create the
get_iplayer programme cache, so there is no way to denote HD content in
the search results.  If anyone knows different, chime in.

'flashhd' is still available in modes for HD programmes.

So --category=HD could be re-written to to search through the modes of
all programmes to look for 'flashhd', rather than 'HD' in their categories.

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