Help needed with pvr search terms please.

Alastair ajebay at
Tue Apr 16 09:46:36 EDT 2013

On Tue, 16 Apr 2013 00:11:44 +0100 dinkypumpkin wrote:
>On 15/04/2013 20:34, Alastair wrote:
>>Many thanks once more.  Strange.  If I run the command you give above I get the 
>>in my pvr-list:-
>>pvrsearch = --typeradio
>>	fields = episode
>>	search0 = Thursday Opera Matinee.
>>Surely this is not correct and it certainly doesn't work here.
>Sorry - shouldn't edit after pasting.  Should be:
>get_iplayer --pvradd Thursday_Opera_Matinee --type=radio --fields=episode "Thursday 
>Opera Matinee"
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>get_iplayer at
Hi and thanks.  All well now.  I see what you mean about not using pvr and pvradd 
together.  No idea where got it from but all going well now, except that I get occasional 
faulty files which confuse my music server (minimserver) and control app BubbleDS.  

Is it possible to transcode music files into flac at time of download?  Just a thought.
Regards and thanks again,

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