Provide wires abd cables, such as Bare Copper Tape , BBC, CCA, CCS, ACSR and so on

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Provide wires abd cables, such as Bare Copper Tape ,BBC,CCA,CCS,ACSR and so on
Provide wires abd cables, such as Bare Copper Tape ,BBC,CCA,CCS,ACSR and so on
Provide wires a
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=0D=0A<DIV>Dear Sir/Madam,<BR>We are Jiutian International Industrial Co.,=
 Ltd. , we mainly provide products in the fields of various cables and wir=
es,such as Bare Copper tapes,BBC,CCA,CCS,ACSR and so on, and related solut=
ions and services. We also have an experienced team concentrating on these=
 fields. Our consultant team is trying to find the best cost-performance t=
rad off for you, but minimize your time on looking for manufacturers and v=
endors. </DIV>=0D=0A<DIV> </DIV>=0D=0A<DIV>If you are interested in t=
he relevant products, please contact with us at any time, we will give you=
r the urgent and satisfied answers.</DIV>=0D=0A<DIV> </DIV>=0D=0A<DIV=
>Looking for your news.</DIV>=0D=0A<DIV> </DIV>=0D=0A<DIV>Best Regard=
s,</DIV>=0D=0A<DIV> </DIV>=0D=0A<DIV>David.y</DIV>=0D=0A<DIV> </=
DIV>=0D=0A<DIV>Jiutian International Industrial Co., Ltd.<BR>Address: FLAT=
>Tel:+00852-30696122 <BR>Fax:+00852-30696122 <BR>E-mail:jtky801 at chinajtky.=
com </DIV></BODY></HTML>=0D=0A

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