Help needed with pvr search terms please.

Alastair Budge-Reid ajbudge at
Sun Apr 14 04:45:58 EDT 2013

I am trying to get pvr to get Arne Dahl so I added the search to my list using 

get_iplayer --pvr "Arne Dahl - The Blinded Man:" --pvradd 

and my list now contains the search:-

 pvrsearch = Arne_Dahl_-_The_Blinded_Man
        search0 = Arne Dahl - The Blinded Man:

However when I run pvr nothing is found in the search.  I have not downloaded the 
second episode and expected it to be found and downloaded last night  (I downloaded the 
first episode using get command)

Am I missing something here?

I have a similar problem with the term

pvrsearch = Afternoon_on_3_-_Thursday_Opera_Matinee
        search0 = Afternoon on 3 - Thursday Opera Matinee:
        type = radio

what am I doing wrong please?


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