get_iplayer Beginners Guide

Heff heff101 at
Wed Apr 3 10:25:05 EDT 2013

I made a guide for people just starting out with get_iplayer. It covers 
a fair amount of stuff to help people install and get up and running.

It doesn't cover everything, it couldn't hope to, but perhaps it'll be a 
useful resource for some. I basically made it by scouring all the 
documentation and other brief guides I found when I was learning about 
get_iplayer myself.

I put it all together in one place in a step by step/FAQ type guide so 
it's easy for people unfamiliar with the programme to get started.

To that end, I'd welcome any corrections or suggestions you might have, 
even just typos. Seeing as I've created it, it might as well be 

Link is:



PS - If you could leave me a comment on the blog if there is a 
correction/suggestion it would help me out as I'll get notified whereas 
I don't if replies come in here. Thank you!

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