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Richard Mace richard.mace at
Thu Oct 18 05:17:23 EDT 2012

I like to record radio 3's Late Junction program. I have been doing this
successfully via get_iplayer for a number of years, obviously, I
only keep the recordings for 30 days....
I like to use the live stream (rather than listen again) because of the
higher bit rate.
Lately, I have been having problems with the stream dropping out, this
causes the recording to fail and I have to fall back to the listen again

To do my recording I normally use:-
get_iplayer 80134 --get --preset=liveradio
--outputliveradio=/home/richard/radio/$program/ --stop=$program_length
--force --over
This is the one that has been dropping out.
In an effort to get around the problem, I have reverted to the following

"" --get --preset=liveradio --outputtv=/home/richard/radio/$program/ --stop=$program_length --force --over
This is the method I used previously and still seems to work (to early
to tell whether will cure the drop_out problem as it may, in actual
fact, be the same stream as previous method).

While digging around trying to find a cure for this problem, I have been
using Firefox's "Web Developer" add-on to try to extract the url's from
iPlayer's links.

For radio 3 HQ, I get the following:-
"[10:03:28.774] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 33ms]"

I am a loss as to what part of this url can be used for get_iplayer as
the format is completely different to the previous one.
Can anyone here help me please?

Here's another (6 music "HQ" feed)
"[08:31:06.173] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 35ms]"

Apologies for the very long post :) 

I started with nothing in life - still have most of it left.

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