3 questions, from a newby!

Nigel Heasman nigel at nigelheasman.com
Mon Oct 8 09:20:35 EDT 2012

Hi folks,
I have 3 questions that I can't find answers to, and would appreciate 
some advice, please:-

1) can the latest get_iplayer download ITV programmes ?
I've tried "--type=itv" but that doesn't work, for me!

2) when I run get_iplayer, to obtain a current tv listing, I get a list 
of programmes, with a 3 figure number at the start of each line - I'm 
presuming that number is the pid.
However, I've seen postings that show the pid as alpha numeric - e.g 
"get_iplayer --mode=flashhigh --pid=b01n1tbz "  - I've never seen that 
sort of "number" in any of the listings I've downloaded. Could some kind 
person explain that to me, please

3) Is there a gui/pvr for Linux ? I'm running Archlinux and can't find 
one anywhere!!

Many thanks for any help/advice

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