BBC iPlayer introduces Live Restart capability

Christopher Woods (CM) christopher at
Wed Jun 20 11:40:36 EDT 2012

This is a very interesting topic, particularly as I've noted that the 
Beeb's been running a (non-advertised) 720p BBC HD stream using chunked 
H.264 for a while. Quality's pretty darned decent, I'd watch it if I 
didn't have a Sky+HD box.

I can't imagine they'd rip and replace their entire infrastructure for 
on-demand, particularly with all the embedded devices they support... If 
anything this means more complexity - chunked HTTP for PC and Mac with 
the latest versions of Flash, progressive streaming for everything else.

On 20/06/2012 13:51, Shevek wrote:
> Is this going to kill of get_iplayer?
> Or is it only for live TV?
> Will they switch from RTMP to chunked streaming for non live?
> "As we can keep all the video chunks as we distribute them, we can
> offer them to be viewed again later, or even store them more
> permanently."
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