flvstreamer not being picked up

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 08:20:57 EDT 2012

On 19/06/2012 11:07, Joe Jones wrote:
> I'm running getiplayer under Windows8 and this morning have started
> receiving the following message when attempting downloads.
> Matches:
> 11854: radio, On Baby Street: Series 1 - Episode 2, BBC Radio 4 Extra,
> Comedy,Radio
> INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
> INFO: Checking existence of default version
> ERROR: Failed to get iphone URL from iplayer site
> INFO: flashaacstd1,flashaaclow1,flashaaclow2,flashaacstd1,flashaaclow1,flashaaclow2
> modes will be tried for version default
> INFO: Trying flashaacstd1 mode to record radio: On Baby Street: Series
> 1 - Episode 2
> WARNING: Required program flvstreamer does not exist (see
> http://linuxcentre.net/getiplayer/installation and
> http://linuxcentre.net/getiplayer/download)
> ...
> Flvstreamer.exe does exist in my getiplayer directory - it's a version
> created 7 Jan 2011.
> Do I need to link it in again in some way and / or download the new
> version and rename it.

You need to tell us what version you're running and how you set it up. 
You say you're running in Windows 8, but it appears you have a rather 
old installation of get_iplayer.  Unless you've explicitly configured it 
to do so, get_iplayer on Windows doesn't use flvstreamer, and hasn't for 
a good while.  It uses rtmpdump, flvstreamer's successor. The "Failed to 
get iphone URL" message also suggests you don't have the latest version. 
  The default configuration was changed to avoid useless attempts to 
access iPhone downloads, though you may still have iphone mode in a 
custom configuration (if so, remove it).  I would guess the best thing 
is to get the latest Windows installer and do a full upgrade of all 

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