Problem with one specific radio programme

Martin Edney martin_edney at
Sun Jun 17 14:14:30 EDT 2012

I regularly use get_iplayer 2.79 to download various radio content 
for later listening.  I've been doing this without problem for quite a 
while, using my Windows XP system in a Windows running get_iplayer in a 
command box.

However, I've recently (since last week) had problems with one specific radio programme - BBC Radio Lancashire's "On The Wire".

When I attempt to download this with amode=flashaudio1, the output of 
get_iplayer shows "Connecting ..." but goes no further and eventually 
returns a "Failed to record" type of message (sorry, I don't have exact 

If I don't specify an amode 
setting, it tries flashaudio1, eventually gives up (after several 
minutes), tries rtspaudio1 and returns "The system cannot find the path specified."  It then goes on to try wma1, and proceeds to download 
about 1/4 of the programme, but then  stops, after showing "INFO: 
Streaming thread has completed for file 

To get more of an idea what's going on, I've just retried this using 
--verbose with amode=flashaudio1.  Here are the last few lines:


DEBUG: HandleInvoke, received result for method call <createStream>
DEBUG: SendPlay, seekTime=0.00, dLength=0, sending play: mp3:public/radiolancash
DEBUG: Invoking play
DEBUG: sending ctrl. type: 0x0003
DEBUG: HandlePacket,
 received: invoke 10275 bytes
DEBUG: Property: NULL
DEBUG: HandleInvoke, server invoking <_onbwcheck>
DEBUG: Invoking _result
DEBUG: HandleCtrl, received ctrl. type: 6, len: 6
DEBUG: HandleCtrl, Ping 153015303
DEBUG: sending ctrl. type: 0x0007


after which nothing further happens for several minutes.

Any suggestions please?


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