Akamai outside UK

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 08:35:46 EDT 2012

On 14/06/2012 03:34, Arthur Murray wrote:
> In my brief experience of using an IP outside the UK (and therefore
> using a proxy), rtmpdump has required the UK IP (--socks parameter) if
> connecting to akamai or it will receive an access denied error. The
> entire video must go through the proxy.  This isn't true of the
> limelight servers which work from any IP.
> Has this always been true? I don't see an option within get_iplayer to
> pass the proxy on to rtmpdump if akamai is chosen and a proxy is being
> used. I've hacked it in for myself and akami worked, but wondered if
> there was an existing method that could handle akamai differently if
> using a proxy. Or perhaps an option to only use limelight servers no
> matter the "priority" in the mediaselector xml?

I had no trouble with Akamai last time I was abroad, but something must 
have changed in the intervening period.  I can reproduce the behaviour 
you describe, at least.

I can't really see the need to have an option to pick one CDN or the 
other, but feel free to add one.  If the Akamai download fails 
get_iplayer rolls over to the Limelight stream unless you've used a 
--modes value that limits you to a single CDN, which you generally 
wouldn't do.

Even if you do use the proxy for rtmpdump, there is no need to hack 
get_iplayer.  Just use --rtmp-tv-opts="--socks host:port".

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