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> I'm not really sure I see the point of a "get_iplayer" app for the iPad 
> itself.
> For watching current stuff, there's the BBC iPlayer app for the iPad. For 
> older stuff you've downloaded with "get_iplayer" on other platforms, the 
> iPad plays the recorded MPEG4 files without problem.
> Chris
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> This is an interesting question.
> One thing that definitely works (I do it sometimes) is to use get_iplayer 
> to
> download the programme, convert the file into a form the iPad can play 
> using
> ffmpeg and then load the converted video onto the iPad using something 
> like
> Filer (or, I guess, Dropbox).  Good for getting programmes onto the iPad 
> to
> view on planes.
> It would be quite feasible to create a web site which allowed you to 
> automate
> that: display the list of programmes and select one, the site would 
> download
> it, convert it and then make it available for download or streaming to the
> iPad.  Of course, no one would run such a web site as a service for 
> others -- 
> it would be a clear copyright violation and would get shut down very 
> quickly
> -- but it is something one could run on one's own system for personal use.
You are absolutely right.
I wasn't thinking straight. <getting old>

I have put iPlayer, ITV Player, and CatcUpTV on the iPad now.


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