Olympic live streams fix

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 21:12:29 EDT 2012

Christopher Woods (CM) wrote:
> Will own up to not having read the entire thread, but the new BBC player
> looks like it uses Chunked HTTP to stream and perform adaptive bitrate
> adjustments.
> get_iplayer, AFAIK, cannot currently save contents of chunked streams as
> the methods used are fundamentally different from standard,
> 'progressive', linear single bitrate RTMP.

That doesn't really pertain here. The quality of the simulcast streams 
normally used by get_iplayer hasn't changed, nor has the method of 
delivery.  The existing streams can be accessed with the discovery 
mechanism used for the Olympics streams (part of this patch), but the 
quality and stream format are still the same.

No clue what they're planning post-Olympics.  In some ways it might be 
good if they moved all iPlayer services to HTTP streaming.  It would 
mean a hit rewriting bits of get_iplayer, but as we've seen, rtmp 
streaming isn't always perfect.

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