Permission denied at /usr/bin/get_iplayer line 3939

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Mon Jul 23 13:09:36 EDT 2012

On 23/07/2012 17:50, Kevin Lynch wrote:
> I'm getting a permissions error with get_iplayer. I'm using ubuntu
> 12.04 running in an oracle virtual machine. The
> /media/sf_iPlayer_Recordings is an external windows folder mounted to
> the unix machine
> ...
> INFO: File name prefix = Amadeus_-_Amadeus_b00zmdg4_default
> mkdir /media/sf_iplayer_recordings: Permission denied at
> /usr/bin/get_iplayer line 3939
> kevin at kevin-VirtualBox:/media/sf_iPlayer_Recordings$
> The question is what does this message mean "Permission denied at
> /usr/bin/get_iplayer line 3939"

Remember case-sensitivity:  You specified your output directory as 
/media/sf_iplayer_recordings, which is different from your mount point 
of /media/sf_iPlayer_Recordings.  get_iplayer thinks you're trying to 
create a new directory in /media, which requires root permissions, thus 
the error message since you're not running as root.

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