get_iplayer v.v. HiDownload Platinum

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Mon Jul 16 07:56:16 EDT 2012

On 15/07/2012 11:13, Chris J Brady wrote:
> However I have been experimenting with other downloaders. In particular I tried HiDownload Platinum (trial). When I play a t.v. programme from the iPlayer site the HDP sniffer seems to detect the raw URL - for many iPlayer t.v. programmes. As - I guess - does get_iplayer.
> However I have noticed that the downloaded files from get_iplayer are far superior to those from HiDownload.

get_iplayer is not a sniffer-based application.  Sniffer-based 
downloaders like HiDownload or Jaksta are limited to whatever media 
quality is used for the Flash player in the iPlayer site.  For TV 
programmes this is usually the equivalent of the "flashstd" mode of 
get_iplayer.  As Clive says, there may be 2-3 better-quality streams 
available for a given programme that get_iplayer can ferret out.  Even 
though HD streams are available for some programmes on the iPlayer site, 
HiDownload, Jaksta and their ilk likely won't be able to download them. 
  Someone correct me if that has changed.

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