get_iplayer v.v. HiDownload Platinum

Chris J Brady chrisjbrady at
Sun Jul 15 06:13:43 EDT 2012

Hi - I'm not promoting alternatives to get_iplayer - its one of the best.

However I have been experimenting with other downloaders. In particular I tried HiDownload Platinum (trial). When I play a t.v. programme from the iPlayer site the HDP sniffer seems to detect the raw URL - for many iPlayer t.v. programmes. As - I guess - does get_iplayer.

However I have noticed that the downloaded files from get_iplayer are far superior to those from HiDownload. 

The HiDownload files seem to be at a far lower resolution and frequently pixelate when played. The get_iplayer files seems to be smooth playing with higher resolution and detail.

How is this so if the downloaded files come from the same source.

Chris B.

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