Distorted playback with radio recording.

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Wed Jul 11 06:10:08 EDT 2012

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Originally sent at 2012-07-10 19.33:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly guys.

On 10/07/12 18:05, dinkypumpkin wrote:>
> As a first stab, I suggest installing rtmpdump and trying again.
> get_iplayer will automatically use rtmpdump instead of flvstreamer.
> On my Lucid system I got garbage when downloading your programme
> with flvstreamer, but rtmpdump produced a playable file.  I didn't
> see any errors from mplayer about missing MP3 headers, even in
> combination with flvstreamer, but I have a slightly older version of
> mplayer here.

I installed rtmpdump and tried again. No problems, no packet errors, a
perfect download which is playing perfectly. :)

Thanks so much.

On 10/07/12 18:18, dinkypumpkin wrote:>
> I neglected to mention that you can get rtmpdump from Jon Davies PPA
> (I didn't see it in the Lucid package repo):

It was in fact in the Lucid repository (unless it came coincidentally
from one of the many PPA's I've already added) so rtmpdump v. 2.3-2
installation was a 20 second breeze. Thanks for the PPA info., I think
I'll add it anyway and keep myself fully updated.

On 10/07/12 18:07, Clive wrote:
> It doesn't help, but I have d/l it with no problems, no errors and a
> clean sound. I do get Readpacket errors but the d/l invariably
> resumes and I have not noticed a jump or corruption from the
> interruption (though there surely must be as I understand frames are
> missing). I am using v2.82 under Mint 11. I can up the copy of Zeller
> 09/07/2012 if your problem persists - I've never heard of him (don't
> listen to Radio Cumbria) but am listening now!

> ... Sorry, should also have said:
> RTMPDump v2.4-n37-git4e06e21-ppa6~natty MPlayer 1.0rc4-4.5.2 (C)
> 2000-2010 MPlayer Team

Well I'm behind you in rtmpdump versions, but all AOK.

Thanks for the offer of uploading the file but, as you know, I'm already
in business. Also for seconding the PPA advice.

I've not heard of Zeller before either, nor ever listened to Radio
Cumbria. A friend was interviewed on that program and wants the
interview for his web site - I guess I'm his techie go-to-guy for things
of this nature, having earlier edited and uploaded a Sky News interview
to YouTube for him. I dare say a fair few people reading this are also
techie go-to-guys for family and friends and regular recipients of
comments like "wow, you're a genius". ;)

That reminds me of a funny and bizarre tech support story a friend
emailed me a few months ago. This is for you techie go-to-guys and
should help you remember that (sometimes) you're not half as clever as
you think you are <big grin>.

The case of the 500-mile email:


Thanks again all.

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