Naive questions: RTMP packets & output

Jon Davies jon at
Thu Jan 26 15:03:22 EST 2012

On 24 January 2012 13:34, John Rose <john.aaron.rose at> wrote:
> [...] , I
> have to do the workaround 10 times, each time failing at any time
> between 1 second and near the end of a programme. This means that it can
> take 5 hours plus to do a download.

We've been trying out solutions to this off-list, and a more recent
build of rtmpdump seems to help.  I've pushed an update to my ppa, so
anyone using my ppa should get a fix shortly.  (I looked a moment ago,
and launchpad says that the builds will run in 14 hours from now...)

However John is still seeing rtmpdump just hang from time to time, if
anyone has any good ideas about why that might be...?


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