Unable to get any programmes

Foster, Stephen Stephen.Foster2 at xerox.com
Fri Jan 20 06:10:28 EST 2012

Ok - Its definitely my setup - well we knew that anyway, but its very strange....

I hardcoded the path to rtmpdump.exe and added some debug to get_iplayer.pl

This is what I added around line 

7985       my $rtmpver = `"$bin->{flvstreamer}" --help 2>&1`;

                main::logger "INFO:*** $bin->{flvstreamer} --help    ***\n" if $opt->{verbose};
                main::logger "INFO:*** $rtmpver    ***\n" if $opt->{verbose};


This displayed some useful info. It showed the correct version of rtmpdump was being called and that its output was "" (that's nothing!!)

But with the above hack to hardcode the actual version of rtmp I am using (2.4) it successfully downloaded the programme.

So it seems that something is not quite working correctly when piping/capturing output from rtmpdump to perl.

FYI: I ran the command (perl -e "print `.\\RTMPDump\\rtmpdump.exe --help`") as suggested from my get_iplayer directly and the full help was displayed.

I rebooted my pc and had the same problem.

I checked I am running the correct (local) version of perl from get_iplayer and I am, but I'm not sure how the libraries are linked in - could they be picking up info from my default install in c:/perl.

Whilst it works I'm not happy with this hack - why is the output from rtmpdump not being captured into $rtmpver?

Any suggestions on what to try next are most appreciated.


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