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On 18 January 2012 22:27, Jon Davies <jon at> wrote:
> On 18 January 2012 12:26, Fintan Gaughan <fgaughan at> wrote:
>> ... rely on subtitles , take a look on BBC iplayer
>> website and watch BBC Click when playing click on small S next to
>> volume and wait a few minutes . You normally find previous programme
>> subtitle usually the weather before BBC Click and at one point it
>> there  was a delay of 5 minutes. Go on try it and see how frustrating
>> it is!
> My wife depends on subtitles, and yes it's pretty frustrating!  I
> don't need the subtitles, but inevitably find myself reading them when
> they're there, and the delay of several seconds is really distracting.
>> I am well aware  of  --suboffset   only problem is not knowing how
>> much of a delay until I play it and then re download  subtitles with a
>> different delay time.
> That's an option I'd missed.  I always use the player application to
> adjust the subtitle timing - most support this.

>From documentation
* Record programme number 123 with subtitles (if available) and
optionally insert a
subtitle delay of 5 seconds:
get_iplayer --subtitles --suboffset 5000 --get 123

>> I have a xbmc and mythtv set up at home...
> I use xbmc, but not mythtv.
>> For example  Top Gear I’d be happy watching it every week  and say
>> from 4th   episode onwards it start to use live subtitles  even though
>> it’s not a live show  so there is a subtitle delay .
>> I then watch a repeat  it could be a 2nd 3rd or 4th showing  and
>> subtitles usually be perfect timing with correct spelling
> I had never noticed that - I'd always assumed that once the subs were
> done, they were left alone.

I assume the same with iplayer , but on tv and repeated its corrected .
So you have me thinking now so I will redownload the subtitles after a
repeat to see if that will work.

It might be worth planning to re-download
> just the subtitles for things you've already recorded (which being
> relatively small is quick compared to downloading the original file.
> Sorry, I can't remember the runes for downloading just the subtitles,
> either someone else will jump in with an answer, or I can check when
> I'm home again at the weekend,

I know the answer  :-)

get_iplayer  --subsonly

It only work if you delete that subtitle file.

>> If live subtitles still being used despite number rerecording  then

>> Only problem I have is that XBMC does not play mp4 is there a way of
>> get iplayer to record to avi?
> eh?  what do you mean XBMC doesn't play mp4?  I've been using xbmc for
> probably nearly three years now, and it's always played mp4s.  Rather
> than make get_iplayer produce avi's, I'd suggest that you explore why
> xbmc doesn't play mp4s for you first, given that it does elsewhere.
> This is probably a question best asked on the xbmc mailing lists, but
> ...
> if you can provide some details of the system and software that you're
> running then I expect one of us will be able to help you in the right
> direction.

Thanks Jon  for your help as you can see in earlier email I have
solved that problem.


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