Instructions for noobie, please - LINUX -

M2 M.2 at
Mon Jan 2 13:13:19 EST 2012

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I'm running Linux (Fedora-16/KDE) and have installed get_iplayer.
> If I give the command get_iplayer I am given a list of 713 titles,
> which I presume are all the programs currently available?
> But I have no idea what to do then.
> I have found some online accounts of the program,
> but nothing with concrete examples of the command(s) to give.
> Are there instructions anywhere?
> The man page struck me as more or less useless.

this is what I use, lets say you want to record

Sometimes it's good to check what's available:
get_iplayer --info --fields=pid b019851n

from that you see:
modes:          default: 
modesizes:      default: 

and can choose which quality to record:

I record one for HD telly one for PC and for Mobile Phone so I do not 
have to demux/transcode

so the command would be:
get_iplayer --pid b019851n --multimode 
--modes=flashhigh,flashvhigh,flashhd --force --subtitles --subsraw 
--metadata=generic --thumb --info --long --output=a:\htdocs\BBC_iPlayer\

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