AP Tagging Error

Magic Cheezer magic_cheezer at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 1 18:19:08 EST 2012

just as an fyi,

last night I grabbed Jules' Hootenanny


The file was grabbed A-OK (~2.7GB)

but a last-minute error occurred in tagging with Atomic Parsley

(the file played OK)


here is the error msg:-



video:2752661kB audio:97014kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.201885%
INFO: Recorded D:\Data\Downloads\Jools_Annual_Hootenanny_-_31_12_2011_b0195p7h_default.mp4

INFO: Downloaded Thumbnail to 'D:\Data\Downloads\Jools_Annual_Hootenanny_-_31_12_2011_b0195p7h_default.jpg'
INFO: MP4 tagging MP4 file
APar_readX_noseek read failed, expect 12, got 0: No error
INFO: Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256)
WARNING: Failed to tag MP4 file



I don't have the original .mp4 file anymore as I always re-mux into .mkv

(the tagging isn't important to me)

but I just wanted to share this in case anybody could understand from this snippet what, if anything, is wrong


(the .mp4 file I was left with was perfectly fine, and I have watched the .mkv 're-housed' version without issue)


as far as I'm aware, the version of AP I'm using is as described in the get_iplayer_config.ini file, i.e.


(indeed the version at that link is binarily identical to that in my get_iplayer subdir)


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