[PATCH] Option to mux video as MKV instead of MP4

Shevek shevek at shevek.co.uk
Sun Jan 1 14:46:59 EST 2012

On 1 January 2012 19:17, M2 <M.2 at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Hi all and happy new year,
> is there any benefit muxing MP4 into MKV?

For get_iplayer usage, there is really no benefit, it's purely personal choice.

You can see the difference here:

Compare the Matroska and MP4 entries.

Basically the differences are: MKV is (the way I read
http://www.matroska.org/info/legal/index.html, but I may be wrong)
open source, MP4 is proprietry; MKV supports just about any audio or
video codec, MP4 has a limited set of supported codecs.

The codecs used by the BBC for iPlayer are supported by MP4 so that
difference is largely irrelevant.

As get_iplayer is open source then those who care about such things
may prefer to use the open source MKV container.

However, if you prefer to have your video files tagged then
get_iplayer MP4 support is better thank MKV as there is no MKV tagging
supported at all.

I have in fact reverted to using MP4 for exactly this reason!

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