Wot no tags?

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 08:25:28 EDT 2011

On 31/08/2011 10:24, Arthur Dent wrote:
> like the only way is to build it from source. I am not afraid of
> building from source, but a quick look at the download indicates that it
> is the Mac build code - not the usual "./configure&&  make&&  su -c make
> install" incantation.

The Sourceforge distribution of AtomicParsley is long-dormant, but 
someone else has picked up the torch, and created the necessaries for 
autoconf-based build.  To roll your own, start here:


> Dinky - guess the Debian build works for your Ubuntu setup?

It has been brought downstream into Ubuntu repos, but I also built my 
own from the above source.  Either works OK, but the newer version from 
bitbucket supports a few additional tags.

> "ERROR: get_iplayer is not writeable - aborting update (maybe a package
> manager was used to install get_iplayer?)"
> message (even as root). I got round this simply by installing the github
> HEAD version and then running get_iplayer --update as root to create the
> plugins - and then copying them to my non-root user ./get_iplayer/
> directory (and changing the ownership). Is there a better way?

As Jonathan explained, there may be a "packagemanager" option set (e.g., 
in /etc/get_iplayer/options) to signal get_iplayer that --update should 
be blocked, so admin privileges won't make a difference.  However, the 
Fedora 15 RPM for version 2.79 doesn't appear to do that.  It installs 
the get_iplayer script as a read-only file, which has the same effect 
and is the origin of the message you saw.  I suppose you could get 
around it by adding write permissions to the file, and you'd have to do 
the same thing to update your man page manually.  Probably not worth the 
bother.  If you want to manage your own installation, ideally you would 
first remove the old version via yum, then just drop get_iplayer 
wherever you want (e.g, $HOME/bin) and --update from there. Plugins will 
go in $HOME/.get_iplayer automatically.  No need for shuffling files around.

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