[ANN} Windows installer version 4.4 released

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 13:52:25 EDT 2011

On 30/08/2011 17:43, Chris Marriott wrote:
> Thanks for this. If I have a stable, working, 2.79 Windows installation,
> do I have a reason to upgrade? What will the new version give me?

If you like what you have, there is probably no reason at all to change. 
  I would boil down the upgrades like this:

For all users:

Along with some bug fixes and improved metadata tagging, get_iplayer 
2.80 incorporates new code necessary to deal with changes in stream 
formats for national radio stations that came online in the spring.  It 
also includes a fix required to download HD video.  If you only download 
non-HD TV or regional radio programmes, you may not notice the 
difference.  Because a few  of the changes were necessary for at least 
some users to continue using get_iplayer, it seemed a good idea to make 
a formal release and establish a new working baseline for everyone. 
There has been a fair amount of traffic here about how to get patched 
versions, do ad hoc updates of get_iplayer, etc.  With a new release, we 
can dispense with all that and just tell those who need it: Upgrade. 
But if you don't need it...

For Windows users specifically:

* New installer provides the ability to update helper application 
sources without issuing a new installer package.  Hopefully, that will 
make it easier to keep Windows users up to date in the future.

* Updated sources for all helper applications.  AtomicParsley source was 
incompatible with installer, FFmpeg source was moribund, LAME source 
dispensed broken app.  We had an partially-obsolete installation 
package, so it seemed an update was in order.  Specific versions given 
in the previous announcement:


* Updated FFmpeg guaranteed to support current version of get_iplayer. 
Old version was OK for most people, but it would never be updated, and 
get_iplayer relies on FFmpeg a little more than it used to for audio 

* Updated RTMPDump that, at least anecdotally, is more robust in dealing 
with resuming downloads.  RTMPDump performance is subject to a number of 
variables, of course, but hopefully this will improve things a bit.

* Metadata tagging of MP4/M4A/MP3 files.  This could be patchy to 
non-existent for Windows users.  Since the old installer could no longer 
deliver AtomicParsley for tagging MP4/M4A, it seemed like the time to 
get Windows users on par with other platforms as far as tagging is 

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