[ANN} Windows installer version 4.4 released

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 12:17:19 EDT 2011

Apologies for releasing another installer so soon, but it was necessary 
to correct a packaging error.  The resulting problem was reported here:


The new installer package is version 4.4.  Version 4.3 is no longer 
available.  The new installer can be obtained at the usual address:


An earlier installer should also offer to download the new version and 
perform an upgrade. The new installer will fully upgrade a previous 
get_iplayer installation, but you may wish to uninstall the old version 
first.  See notes below.

NOTE 1: If you use v4.4 to upgrade a v4.3 installation (i.e., one 
created with the installer released yesterday [2011-08-29]), you only 
need to re-install the "get_iplayer" component.  The helper applications 
do not need to be updated.  The v4.4 installer should flag this 
correctly, but if not, make sure the "get_iplayer" component is selected 
for installation

NOTE 2:  If haven't yet upgraded from v4.2, you should elect to install 
ALL components.  You should be prompted to do so when the installer 
runs.  Everything has been updated, and the new installer works a bit 
differently underneath, so a full (re)installation is the way to clean 
up the previous installation and get everything updated properly.

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