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gary lists at
Sat Aug 27 04:53:22 EDT 2011
I've got something downloading using a UK proxy.

I'm a fan of the Beeb. I have XM in the car, which has two BBC feeds. 
(The pop music channel is awful, but the World Service is great.)  Also 
a squeezebox to listen to various BBC streams.

I'm not sure if you have any BBC audio I can't get via podcast, but at 
least I have another means for download.

I also have XMBC, which has a get_iplayer hook, though I think I rather 
PVR, especially if I have to use a proxy.

I tried to set up get_iplayer on my windows box that already is set up 
with WAMP server (appache mysql php on windows), but no luck. I may ask 
about that later. [I'm running php code on it, but never set up a CGI 

Ultimately I think I will just use the command line since the author 
doesn't trust the Appache in the CGI.

On 8/27/2011 1:38 AM, Chris Marriott wrote:
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> Subject: Re: No specified modes
>> OK, but when I listened to the Linux Outlaws "Oggcamp" episode, they
>> made it sound like get_iplayer got around the proxy. I just played it
>> again, and maybe that was just my interpretation.
> As stated, you'll be able to use "get_iplayer" to download radio
> programs without any problem, and the BBC do some truly excellent radio
> comedy, drama, documentaries, etc. It forms the mainstay on my
> travelling-to-work iPod listening.
> Cheers,
> Chris

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