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On 08/26/11 21:15, hennessey rogers wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 16:45:39 +0100
> Nigel Taylor <njtaylor at> wrote:
>> Duplicates are removed from the list, so if the same programme appears 
>> on BBC Two, and BBC HD. Only one will will be present, listed against 
>> BBC Two. BBC HD is just the HD version of the main channels rather than 
>> original content it is very unlikely to see anything listed against BBC HD.
>> Regards
>> Nigel Taylor
> Thanks for the reply,
> Sometime ago had a batch file called list.bat and I could get a listing of BBC1 programs with "list.bat t1" on the command line.When the BBC HD channel started up I extended the batch file so that "list.bat t5" gave me a list of programs on the BBC HD channel and it worked. So when it stopped working I was prompted to start this query. As it happens I use this same batch file to get a listing of BBC radio 4 programs with "list.bat r4" on the command line but this too now miss behaves as well and gives me a listing of BBC Radio 4 Extra interspersed with BBC Radio 4 programs. The relevant line from the batch file is
> perl.exe  --tree --type=radio --channel="BBC Radio 4" > radio4.txt
> Do you have any idea why this gets a list of BBC Radio 4 Extra programs as well as BBC Radio 4?
> Thanks,
>      Hennessey.
> hennessey rogers < at>

--channel="BBC Radio 4" is a regular expression match, so both "BBC
Radio 4" and "BBC Radio 4 Extra" contain the expression. You need to
match on just BBC Radio 4. Try "BBC Radio 4$", where the $ matches the
end of line, for an exact match use "^BBC Radio 4$"

perl get_iplayer --type radio --channel="BBC Radio 4"
returns 411 matches

perl get_iplayer --type radio --channel="BBC Radio 4$"
returns 252 matches

perl get_iplayer --tree --type radio --channel="^BBC Radio 4 "
returns 159 matches


Nigel Taylor

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