I've got a few problems with get_iPlayer

Carl Fletcher kernelbasher at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 13:17:24 EDT 2011

On 19/08/11 17:07, Alexis Fotiadis wrote:
> On 19/08/11 14:14, Alexis Fotiadis wrote:
>> I've been trying to post but keep getting:
>> 'Your mail to 'get_iplayer' with the subject
>>      I've got a few problems with get_iPlayer
>> Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
>> The reason it is being held:
>>       Message has a suspicious header
>> Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
>> notification of the moderator's decision.  If you would like to cancel
>> this posting, please visit the following URL:'
>> I changed to Plain text and 80 column-width, but still doesn't work.
>> What could be suspicious about the header?
>> Is it because the message is too long? As I included some of the
>> get_iPlayer output text for error messages. If so, should I attach the
>> output as a .txt file?
>> Any help much appreciated - my downloads haven't worked properly
>> all week and I still can't figure out why..
>> ---------- 		 	   		
>> If you use a client like Thunderbird, it seems to work better. Plain
>> text utf8
> Is Thunderbird for email? I'm on hotmail through Firefox..
> Am attaching the main error output as a .txt file, see if it works
> better. If not will give Thunderbird a go, cheers for the tip.
> First time I've posted here (had to re-post in Plain text as I think my
> previous was HTML, and therefore blocked), so just want to say thanks to
> all those keeping get_iPlayer working.
> Several different errors keep disrupting my downloads, some of which may
> be from wireless or internet dropout, and one which definitely seems to
> be from rtmpdump. I have searched the forum (which solved earlier issues
> with rtmpdump 2.3, swf etc), but haven't found a solution for these.
> Setup:
> patched get_iPlayer 2.79 (command line, not Web PVR) with rtmpdump 2.4
> Windows XP Home 32bit .NET Framework SP3.5
> P4 3.2GHz 512MB RAM
> Belkin N Wireless USB Adapters F5D8053 : V6000 (latest drivers)
> O2 Wireless Broadband (0.5-3.5MBps)
> Options:
> get_iplayer --prefs-add --thumbnail --subtitles --modes=flashvhigh
> --whitespace --fatfilenames --output=C:\Documents_and_Settings
> Alternatively I sometimes try  --modes=flashvhigh2
> Cmd line:
> get_iplayer --pid=b0xxxxxx
> I assume the first error (see attached, Error 1) is from wireless or internet dropout, or from
> an adaptor problem. Sometimes my wireless adaptor turns itself off when
> get_iPlayer is running, but not with other programs like Firefox, Skype
> etc.
> With rtmpdump 2.4 I can usually restart the download where it crashed,
> which never worked with 2.2 or 2.3.
> Error 2:
> The other error, which has started since I upgraded to rtmpdump 2.4 and
> is more disruptive, occurs when rtmpdump seems to 'overload' - according
> to TaskManager it starts using 1GB RAM (i.e. more than any other program
> running) then crashes, either by me closing it from TaskManager, or by
> itself in which case it takes other programs down with it. Since my
> laptop only has 512MB RAM, I'm not sure what's happening, but assume it's
> an issue with rtmpdump, not get_iPlayer. Also, it happens separately to
> parallel downloads i.e. only happens on one while the others still work.
> (See attached, Error 2)
> Another issue is .mp4 conversion of downloads before they've finished
> downloading, or failure part-way through conversion; I haven't got an
> error output text for either of these though.
> Previously these problems seemed to be worse from 9am til around midnight,
> but worked smoother during the night, so I assumed they were all
> bandwidth/dropout issues. But over the last week I've only been able to
> fully download a couple of the shows I've tried. My internet seems much
> slower than usual, which means downloads don't have time to finish before
> they crash. I guess the rtmpdump-related error could be a bug in 2.4 as
> it's relatively recent.
> Cheers for any help!
> Alex
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Thunderbird is for email
Some guide: 

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