PVR and CGI question - automatic unattended download

Jon Nicoll jkn+gip at nicorp.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 16:11:23 EDT 2011

Hi All
	I've been a happy command-line user of get_iplayer fro quite a while now 
... running fine under Gentoo, mainly to grab radio content.

I recently set up a Vortexbox (http://www.vortexbox.org), running as a 
streambox server. Vortexbox has Apache built-in so I looked into incorporating 
the get_iplayer CGI script into this.

I have done this so that now in the Vortexbox browser page I have a 
get_iplayer icon which, when clicked on, goes into the get_iplayer screen - 
from here I can setup searches and build a PVR list and so on.

I'm a little bit puzzled about one aspect of this though. It looks as though I 
have to manually click on the 'Run PVR' tab at the top of the screen to cause 
the get_iplayer process to actually do the downloading .The page there says 
"The PVR will auto-run every 4 hour(s) if you leave this page open".

What I expected to be able to do is to add my searches and have the PVR run on 
the Vortexbox, say every four hours, without me having the browser up at all. 
The README-get_iplayer.cgi.txt file says (in part):

	Setup crontab for PVR to run
	* Add a line in /etc/crontab to run the pvr:

	"0 * * * * apache /usr/bin/get_iplayer --pvr 2>/dev/null"

which I have done (after changing the path to /var/www/get_iplayer).

Am I missing or misunderstanding something?

Thanks for any pointers
	Jon N

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