Inexpert user question

Paul Denley P.Denley at
Mon Aug 15 12:57:24 EDT 2011

While I am fascinated by some of the contributions to this forum, the 
recent discussion about Windows is like a foreign language to me and I'm 
almost embarrassed to ask for help at a much more basic level.
I have had some problems recently with using get_iplayer to get some 
radio programmes. This seems to be quite a recent thing - everything 
seemed to work fine before.
I'm using the latest version (v2.79 for Windows with a patch from 
somewhere which was recommended on this forum). I can find the programme 
that I want OK, then I run:
 >get_iplayer --get [programme number]
It finds the programme I want and downloads it but then continues to 
download a number of other programmes as well seemingly at random. I can 
crash get_iplayer to stop this but what is going wrong?
The other problem is that the radio programme download is as a .m4a file 
rather than .mp3. I have a program to convert these files but how can I 
set it to download as .mp3.
Any ideas appreciated

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