get_iplayer 2.79 and rtmpdump 2,4

Clive roadcone at
Sun Aug 7 13:46:03 EDT 2011

You can do a DIY on this one if you are Windows (I expect it works the 
same under other OS). Just go to the rtmpdump folder, copy the files 
into a back-up folder somewhere just in case things go wrong (I just 
created a folder within rtmpdump). Then download the rtmpdump v2.4 zip 
and extract the files from the archive to the rtmpdump folder, allowing 
them to overwrite the existing ones. Job done. Worked for me and works 
fine. If things go wrong, all you need to do is empty the rtmpdump 
folder and copy the originals across from the backup and you are back 
where you started. For the purist, you have v2.4 in a folder named 2.2d 
but I'm sure the internet police won't be bothered.


On 07/08/2011 13:59, Nick Hindley wrote:
> any idea on when rtmpdump 2.4 will be part of the bundle?
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