get_iplayer 2.79 and rtmpdump 2,4

Brian Piatkus brian at
Sun Aug 7 09:39:39 EDT 2011

On Sunday 07 Aug 2011 13:59:03 Nick Hindley wrote:
> any idea on when rtmpdump 2.4 will be part of the bundle?
> I spent a  few hours faffing around trying to fix "WARNING: Stream does
> not start with requested frame, ignoring data..."
> before going to git for the latest version which seemed to fix the problem.
> The swfurl change seemed to just make things worse
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Sorry for the blank post - kmail did its own thing.

I have been blessedly free of the woes troubling this thread but apropos 
rtmpdump 2.4, if you use the video streaming function of get_iplayer.cgi
the current git version does not work. I'm afraid I haven't the skills to find 
out why.

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