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I've been away, so apologies for not responding before now.

No good, I'm afraid - I've switched back to RTMP from flvstreamer, after 
updating to RTMPDump 2.4.  So now I'm using the current version of 
get_iplayer (2.79) and the latest RTMP.

But here's the thing - lots of TV programmes will download fine, as FLVs 
converting on completion to mp4s.  But some won't - I can see them 
downloading on the router, but an empty file envelope appears on the 
destination drive, without a file type shown (in contrast to those 
downloading successfully, which show a "partial.mp4" file type).

To give examples, I've just successfully downloaded the second episode of 
The Code on BBC HD (PID b01320wn), with an mp4 file size of 1153 MB, but 
failed to download Thursday's Elgar Prom on BBC4 (PID b012znpz), which does 
the empty envelope trick.

Any idea what's going on?

Best wishes,


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Apologies for the new thread start - I can't seem to reply to anything
without a Suspicious Headers Moderator Approval response.


Your problem is you are using the old FLVStreamer.

You need to install RTMPDump 2.3 and then set get_iplayer to use that
instead with a command such as:

get_iplayer --prefs-add --flvstreamer ./your/path/to/rtmpdump.exe



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