Recent problems and rtmpdump

J K.Eason mail at
Wed Aug 3 05:07:00 EDT 2011

> *From:* Chris Yearsley <cinfo at>
> *To:* get_iplayer at
> *Date:* Wed, 3 Aug 2011 09:31:26 +0100
> I can confirm that with rtmpdump 2.3, changing to
> "--modes=flashvhigh2" made downloading 'Sarah Jane Adventures" 
> merely very hard instead of impossible. Is it the case that adding the
> "2" is taking the data from a different content delivery network?
> What I do find is that I dare not use the internet connection for
> anything else when get_iplayer is running. If the stream fails to 
> keep up even for a split second the download always fails, with the 
> endless unsuccessful resume attempts, regardless of "mode".
> In any case the success reports from rtmpdump2.4 are promising. Is
> there a build for Windows?

Yes there is a Windows version of 2.4. I tried it yesterday and it did
successfully download the Sarah Jane episode, albeit with two or three
minor retries on the way.
This was just using flashhigh1 though, not the ..vhigh HD version. (With
2.3 even the standard definition version was failing here.)

       John (mail at

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