WARNING: Stream does not start with requested FLV frame

chrism at spamcop.net chrism at spamcop.net
Tue Aug 2 08:09:37 EDT 2011

Quoting "David W. Legg" <dwlegg at gmail.com>:

> For the last few days, I have been getting:
> 'WARNING: Stream does not start with requested FLV frame, ignoring data...
> 96382.681 kB / 254.76 sec (16.4%)
> Couldn't resume FLV file, try --skip 1
> INFO: Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256)
> ERROR: Failed to record 'The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 4 - Lost in
> Time: Part 1 (b00vz64d)'
> '
> The WARNING gets repeated loads of times.
> I get a file of size about 95MB.
> The command was:
> 'get_iplayer --get 723 --modes=flashvhigh'
> Any steers?

Hi David,

I think this is all related to the issues that have been widely  
reported on the list for the last week or so, which all seem to stem  
from "rtmpdump" and restarting streams after a redirection. The Beeb  
seem to have changed something around about last Tuesday.

Make sure you have the latest patched version of the "get_iplayer"  
script. Other than that, all I can suggest, if you get this issue, is  
to delete the partial file and re-try the download.



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