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Keith Sherratt keith.sherratt at
Mon Aug 1 05:36:12 EDT 2011

I hope I'm doing this reply bit correctly.

My Win 7 version has been updated using the new script. It runs ok for
small size TV programmes.
What i usually get is the programme downloading normally and then

ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
Download may be incomplete (downloaded about 38.50%), try resuming
INFO: Command exit code 2 (raw code = 512)
WARNING: Retry recording for 'Camera That Changed the World - - (b012tnml)'
ERROR: Failed to get iphone URL from iplayer site

It then attempts a restart. If I am lucky it will continue but I then get

WARNING: Stream does not start with requested frame, ignoring data...
WARNING: Stream does not start with requested frame, ignoring data...

The pvr version then grinds to a halt

As the Win 7 version was being so awkward I downloaded a get_iplayer
package for my Ubuntu system running in Virtual Box. With help from my
geek son I got it working and had more success. i still getting a lot
of stops and resumes but it does manage to finish the download.

Interestingly the Windows version uses rtmpdump and the Ubuntu uses
flvstreamer and both error in similar ways.

Radio seems unaffected

If anyone wants to see the screen dumps let me know

Yours Keith

On 1 August 2011 08:40,  <chrism at> wrote:
> Quoting Mark Adams <mark at>:
>> Yes.
>> I had exactly that issue last night using latest version under windows 7.
>> Gave up in the end.
>> Mark
> Even with the latest script, I'm still getting these "failed to read RTMP
> packet body" errors much of the time. I find, though, that if I retry the
> download 2 or 3 times, it eventually comes down OK.
> It is a nuisance.
> Chris
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