Fedora-ppc on IBM 9114-275 (Intellistation 275)

Jim Dauven jim at nordisksystems.com
Thu Nov 6 12:52:57 EST 2008

   I have installed Fedora core 9 ppc on the Intellistation 275 and the
Intellistation was flawless.  I to have the problem with the color.  The
Graphics adapter in the 275 is the IBM GXT4500P.  The resolution is 1280
by 1024 but the colors are off.  In the Screen back ground of a picture
of the earth, the earth appears to be a desert planet.  On the screen
back ground of the lady bugs on the leaf, the leaf is a proper shade of
green but the lady bugs are real blue blue.

   I have a source file of a driver of a graphics adapter (I don't know
if it is a general frame buffer driver or a real graphics adapter driver
for the GXT4500P), from a guy that works for IBM that I have not
complied yet.  (I know just enough about programing to realize that it
may be beyond my capabilities).

  If some body wants to take a crack at it let me know and I will email
it to you.

  There is a caveat about Linux on Power on IBM Pseries.  For the power
PC processor IBM machines I use SUSE 9 ppc.  However it doesn't work on
the Power 4 and power 5 processors.  I suspect it has something to do
with the dual core processor architecture. 
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