FW: Handling boot on NAND Bad Blocks

Robert Schwebel robert at schwebel.de
Thu Nov 30 13:43:54 PST 2017

On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 08:49:22AM +0000, Kjell Ove Røte wrote:
> In the original case the board just reboots when the Barebox is to be loaded from the bootstream image. 
> In log below you see that the power_prep and boot_prep is run but the Barebox is not started at all. 
> So, in this case there is no Barebox issue, but I was looking for if there are some mechanism for handling boot environment, kernel load etc with Bad block management. 
> For example something like writing and loading a kernel image, using skip block method, from a partition with bad blocks and image cannot be stored over linear addresses.
> Booting an image where Barebox is stored in a NAND Bad Block:
> PowerPrep start initialize power...
> Configured for 5v only power source. Battery powered operation disabled.
> Turbine PowerPrep POWER RESET, EMC hardness
> Disable the chip shutting down by a fast falling edge of PSWITCH
> Nov 24 201608:57:28
> FRAC 0x92925552
> Wait for ddr ready 1power 0x00820616
> Frac 0x92925552
> start change cpu freq
> hbus 0x00000003
> cpu 0x00010001
> start test memory accress
> ddr2 0x40000000
> finish simple test
> 0x8050100b
> 0x8050800f

Hmm, that doesn't look familiar to me (we had other NAND issues

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