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Wadim Egorov w.egorov at phytec.de
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+Rockchip RK3288
+The RK3288 SoC has a two stage boot process. The booting is completed in two
+consecutive stages. The binary for the 1st stage is referred to as the
+Secondary Program Loader (SPL). The binary for the 2nd stage is simply referred to
+as barebox.
+SPL is a non-interactive loader and is only used to boot the 2nd stage loader.
+At this moment barebox can only be used as a 2nd stage bootloader.
+Starting barebox requires another bootloader which will do the very basic
+SDRAM initialization for us. We can use the u-boot for that.
+Building barebox
+The RK3288 boards in barebox are covered by the ``rk3288_defconfig``.
+The resulting images will be placed under ``images/``:
+  barebox-rk3288-phycore-som.img
+Starting and updating barebox
+For the first stage bootloader we will need an u-boot image. A detailed
+description on how to build and flash an RK3288 SPL image can be found in the
+u-boot source ``u-boot/doc/README.rockchip``.
+U-boot requires an image with a special header.
+  mkimage -A arm -T firmware -C none -O u-boot -a 0x02000000 -e 0 -n "barebox image" -d images/barebox-rk3288-phycore-som.img barebox.img
+To write an image that boots from an SD card (assumed to be /dev/sdc):
+  sudo dd if=u-boot/u-boot-spl-dtb.bin of=/dev/sdc seek=64 bs=512
+  sudo dd if=barebox.img of=/dev/sdc seek=256 bs=512
+This puts the Rockchip header and SPL image first and then places the barebox
+image at block 256 (i.e. 128KB from the start of the SD card). This
+corresponds with this setting in U-Boot:
+RK3288 Boards
+.. toctree::
+  :glob:
+  :numbered:
+  :maxdepth: 1
+  rk3288/*
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+Phytec RK3288 based SOMs
+The phycore-som-rk3288 is actually not a real board. It represents a RK3288
+based Phytec module and its boards in the barebox.
+You can find out more about the Phytec SOM concept on the website:
+  http://phytec.com/products/system-on-modules/
+Supported modules and boards
+Currently, barebox supports the following SOMs and boards:
+  - phyCORE
+    - PCM-946
+    - PCM-947
+Building phycore-som-rk3288
+The phycore-som-rk3288 boards are covered by the ``rk3288_defconfig``.

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