[PATCH] ARM: OMAP5 processors support

Uladzimir Bely u.bely at sam-solutions.net
Wed Apr 24 06:51:22 EDT 2013

Previous patch 
was broken (wrapped long lines) by mailer, so it's a correct version.

Since commit:
      43f9a96a ubimkvol: Typo fix

Patch adds basic OMAP5 support to barebox.

Tested on SD card with 2 partitions: vfat (MLO, barebox.bin, zImage)
and ext3 (rootfs). Barebox successfully starts kernel
from commandline with "bootm /boot/zImage" command.

Building MLO: make omap5_sevm_xload_defconfig; make.
Building barebox.bin: make omap5_sevm_defconfig; make.

With regards,
Uladzimir Bely.

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