Scanning regression since "cfg80211: use DS or HT operation IEs to determine BSS channel"

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Tue Mar 26 18:13:28 EDT 2013

2013/3/26 Rafał Miłecki <zajec5 at>:
> 2013/3/26 Johannes Berg <johannes at>:
>> Can you check your channel list? (iw list or iw phy0 info)
> Sure, attaching iw.list.log.

Hm, after some recompilations, rmmod, modprobe... now I can see
> * 2472 MHz [13] (20.0 dBm) (passive scanning, no IBSS)
(I didn't have "passive" for channel 13 earlier). Not sure what could
change that. I've to do more experiments with different channels.

>> Does reverting just the mac80211 change fix it?
> Yes. Reverting just a change in net/mac80211/scan.c fixes the problem
> for me. I've tested this with the latest wireless-testing.

Just to make it clear: I've modified scan.c as you can see in attached
0001-mac80211-fix.patch (application/octet-stream) 2 KB

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