ath10k-firmware: QCA4019 hw1.0: Add Luma WRTQ-329ACN BDFs

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Fri Jan 21 05:48:57 PST 2022

Tomasz Maciej Nowak <tmn505 at> writes:

> Description for what hardware this is:
> Luma WRTQ-329ACN, more known as Luma Home WiFi, is a Dual band wireless access point.
> Design based on IPQ40xx/AP-DK01.1-C2
> - one QCA40xx radio is used as 2.4GHz radio
> - one QCA40xx radio is used as 5GHz radio
> Origin of the board file (did you create it yourself or where you downloaded):
> Files were copied from flash chip of mentioned device, originally called:
> boardData_1_0_IPQ4019_Y9803_wifi0.bin
> boardData_1_0_IPQ4019_Y9803_wifi1.bin
> Ids to be used with the board file (ATH10K_BD_IE_BOARD_NAME in ath10k):
> QCA4019 hw1.0
>   bus=ahb,bmi-chip-id=0,bmi-board-id=16,variant=Luma-WRTQ-329ACN
>   sha256sum: ffeeeff8d8252694a9dd527a4feda82675416de34131e9291785cf353c217d62
>   bus=ahb,bmi-chip-id=0,bmi-board-id=17,variant=Luma-WRTQ-329ACN
>   sha256sum: ce19617b8926f985ab3ea3b2fca2b08c4456919b071c920e24b2789aa7205867
> The attached files have names derived from ids to be used with .bin file extension.

Thanks, added to QCA4019/hw1.0/board-2.bin:




2 board image(s) added, 0 changed, 0 deleted, 78 in total


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