[PATCH] ath10k: enable threaded napi on ath10k driver

Kalle Valo kvalo at kernel.org
Tue Dec 21 22:43:04 PST 2021

Abhishek Kumar <kuabhs at chromium.org> writes:

> This patch is to trigger a discussion on the best approach to enable
> threaded NAPI on ath10k. Threaded NAPI feature was added in (net:
> extract napi poll functionality to __napi_poll() commit
> 898f8015ffe74118e7b461827451f2cc6e51035b) and showed good results on
> ath10k snoc based solution.
> If we come to a consensus with this as the best approach to enable
> threaded NAPI on ath10k, then we can moved ahead with the
> implementation and enable across sdio and pci, or if there is any
> objection then we can discuss it here.

Few tips:

It's a good idea to mark patches like this with "[PATCH RFC]":


And you can add a text like the above after the "---" line in the patch



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